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Simply organize a asia email list contest

Defendemos argumentalmente y con documentación que en el 711 no hubo una invasion de árabes originarios de Arabia, llegados por orden Omeya desde Damasco, con tropas auxiliares del norte de Africa, beréberes, recién islamizados si no algo más complejo: una guerra civil-religiosa entre visigodos cristiano-unitaristas o post-arrianos, aliados con los hispanos unitaristas (judios, etc) contra los visigodo-trinitaristas e hispanos pro-trinitarios.

Consecuentemente, las famosas invasiones árabes no fueron otra cosa si no rebeliones locales anti imperiales y anti trinitarias, en árabe si, unitaristas enmascaradas luego por los cronistas -para legitimar el nuevo orden-, como guerras de invasión.

Si bien este tipo de argumentos negacionistas se han usado por parte de ideologías de todo tipo, nazis, fascistas hispanas, andalucistas, musulmanes foráneos... el interés de esta pagina es exclusivamente histórico y no apoyamos ninguna de estas ideología que instrumentalice el tema para su causa.

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Simply organize a asia email list contest

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Organizing a facebook contest is a great way to animate your community and encourage member engagement. Last month you were able to take part in the e-marketing quiz organized on our facebook page. We are going to come back to this practical case so that you too can organize your contest and animate your facebook page at the asia email list time, here we go... 1: concept of the facebook contest… before moving on to practice, let's recall the concept of our facebook contest. This took the form of a quiz, each question was associated with a clue to discover in our articles. Participants had to answer 10 questions. The more correct answers the player had and the faster he answered, the better his score. Once the questions had been answered, the player could refer friends in order to earn additional points. This system guaranteed a viral effect in the contest.

Web marketing training 2: creation of the contest with agorapulse… several services offer you the creation of facebook contest applications, this is the case for example of tigerlily or agorapulse. Here we have used the second which allows you to asia email list all kinds of applications (read about it: animate your facebook page thanks to a ranking of fans ) and manage your crm on facebook . We will go through the creation of a quiz app for our contest. Once connected to your agorapulse account, click on “add an app” then on “quiz app”. The creation will then be done in three steps: 1: create the application itself; 2: create the quiz; 3: create the questions. 2.1: creation of the facebook application it happens quite quickly. First, you need to enable fan qualification or not. Indeed, the application will allow you to collect data on your users such as their names; first names and email addresses to contact them again within the framework of the competition.

You can also integrate an opt-in button to collect new subscribers for your newsletter. Facebook contest: facebook fan qualification in this first part, you will also have to fill in the legal information of your application: the name of your company as well as its confidentiality policy. If needed, you have our sample facebook privacy policy here . You must then asia email list the design of your application. For this you need 3 image files: the image illustrating the facebook tab with a format of 111 x 74 px; the header of your application (the image that will be displayed above your quiz), with a maximum width of 810px; the default image when no quiz is online. Here are some sample visuals: facebook tab: facebook contest: facebook quiz picto facebook application header: facebook contest: facebook quiz asia email list default picture: facebook contest: facebook quiz there you go, you won't need more than that to create the application that can be reused for each new quiz.

2.2: creation of the facebook quiz now let's move on to creating the quiz. Once the application has been configured, click on “create a quiz”. The first step will be to configure the line items. In this part, you must give a name to your quiz as well as a description and a 90*90 px image. These are the elements that will be displayed when players share the asia email list on their wall. You must then fill in the start and end dates and activate or not the viral option which encourages participants to share to increase their chance of winning. It is also in this part that you can upload the rules of your facebook contest . To write and file game rules, you can read our article “ how to write and easily file contest rules ”. You then have the option to enable fan acquisition. Via this option, you can display a message to non-fans encouraging them to like the page to participate in the game.
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